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Security Audits

Cyber Networks takes your IT Security beyond compliance to stay ahead of the curve. We understand that the availability and accessibility of customer information is critical to providing outstanding service. However, as this customer information traverses applications, networks, and devices, keeping all of this information secure can be daunting.

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PCI-DSS Compliance

Credit Cards have become the staple of doing business in every industry all over the world. Having a painless and easy way to quickly complete a customer transaction is essential. However, accepting credit cards requires that businesses follow PCI-DSS or PA-DSS. Cyber Networks helps you stay compliant by auditing and testing your infrastructure.

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HIPAA Compliance

Protecting PHI is a huge challenge. Patients demand that their privacy be protected, yet the lack of quick access to this data can mean the difference between life and death. Security compliance is not only the law, there is also an ethical obligation to protect confidential information. Cyber Networks helps you stay compliant, lower risks, and protect PHI.

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Penetration Testing

As global cyber-attacks become increasingly more sophisticated, protecting against and avoiding targeted attacks have become not only extremely difficult, but almost impossible. We understand potential security threats and take a comprehensive real-world approach to analyzing the security risk to your infrastructure, applications, and employees.

Security in the Real World
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We “assess” your organization’s security posture to identify areas of concern and document all findings in vulnerability reports containing recommendations.
We “test” the strength of your security mechanisms by looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems using the same knowledge and tools as hackers.
We “validate” third-party installations and your IT infrastructure to provide you with an objective security baseline for use in project acceptance decisions.
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With the ever fast-changing pace of technology and with more threats being created than ever before, we are the ones you can rely on to keep your data safe so you can finally sleep at night.

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